Version 12

Renewable energy has come to the fore in recent years due to the quest to reduce emissions of CO2. The world anthropogenic generation of CO2 is 3% of the whole and Australia is responsible for 1.4% of that. When you do the sums, Australia has a contribution of 0.8 ppb. Many believe at least they function as if they do that changing the quantity of that using renewables and other means that the climate can be changed for the better.

The question is, what does this do to the electricity supply in terms of the cost and the reliability of the service? It is a matter of concern that extraordinarily little information about the delivery of power is readily available to answer that question. In fact, reliable information over at least ten years is available from the records of the AEMO, the Australian Energy Market Operator.

There is an urgent need to present this information to the voting public in a form that can understood. All charts on this website use that AEMO data which is a snapshot of all generators power output in hourly increments for 10 years.

The evidence is clear that there are too many droughts in the supply of wind and solar power to support a reliable supply. This means that we are sleepwalking into a disaster. While it is believed renewables are a replacement, the Australian population needs to wake up since we are closing fossil generation while the progress of replacement is slow. Will renewables in combination with energy storage be equivalent to the baseload power provided by fossil fuels? If there is a future, it must.


The data and resulting information here is provided for information purposes only and not commercial use. The data sources used do not guarantee accuracy but every endeavour is made to verify the accuracy.